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Social Security Disability Insurance

What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides benefits to wage-earners and their family members when the wage-earner becomes disabled. Benefits can be paid to the disabled person, his or her minor children, and sometimes his or her spouse who is caring for the children. Retroactive benefits can also be paid to the next of kin if the disabled wage-earner dies before the case is concluded. This benefit provides Medicare coverage after a waiting period.

How do I qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance?
In order to collect Social Security Disability Insurance, there must be a finding of a severe and incapacitating disability. In order to be eligible, an individual must be unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity for at least 12 months. The finding of disability may be based on a combination of the severity of the disability, the claimant's age, work history, and education, the duration of the disability, and what alternative employment may be available. There are sets of regulations called the Listings and the Grids which are frequently used as the basis for a disability claim.

What if disability is denied?
Even if you were denied disability, you can appeal the decision. Decisions are made subjectively by claims personnel at the first and second levels and then by an administrative law judge at the third level. An experienced attorney can assist you in preparing documentation and providing proper supporting evidence of your disability at each level.

Is mental illness or mental retardation considered a disability?
Yes. A disability may be physical or mental. While proving impairments of a mental illness can be more difficult, an experienced attorney can collect appropriate records documenting the illness and its debilitating effects. It is often vital to get treating psychiatrists or doctors to complete specific forms to support various aspects of the disability.

How much will I receive if I qualify for SSDI?
The amount of your Social Security Disability Insurance Benefit is determined by how much you've worked and how much you have paid into the system. You need to have worked for a certain number of years, which varies according to your age, to receive these benefits.

Will I get any medical coverage?
Yes, with SSDI, you will get Medicare for yourself, though not for your family members. Unfortunately, there is a waiting period for Medicare; it is typically two and a half years after the onset of the disability.

How will worker's compensation affect my benefits?
Workers' compensation payments may reduce your benefits. SSA often computes the workers' compensation offset incorrectly. Ms.Somers will check Social Security's award letters to make sure that you and your family are receiving correct payments from Social Security despite any workers' compensation you have already received or may still be receiving.

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