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Other Social Security Benefits

Texas Social Security Attorney

In addition to the areas of SSI and SSDI, Constance R. Somers has experience with the following types of Social Security cases:

Disabled Adult Child (DAC): These benefits help adult children of wage-earners who are either deceased or receiving Social Security themselves. The disabled adult child must prove disability from before age 22, must be unmarried, and must never have worked at a significant level. DAC claimants are often denied because they have worked, but the work can be disregarded if it was performed in a sheltered workshop or with an employer subsidy. Ms. Somers can help you to prove that your disability dates back to before your 22 nd birthday and that any work you may have done since then should not disqualify you.

Widows or widowers benefits: These benefits are based on the earnings record of a deceased spouse and may be available to a widow/er at age 50 if he/she is disabled, or at age 60 otherwise. If the benefit is for disability rather than age, the widow/er must usually have become disabled within seven years of the spouse's death. The widow/er may be disqualified if he/she remarried before age 60. The case may be more complex if the marriage was common-law. It is also possible to get benefits as a divorced widow/er.

Survivorship benefits: These benefits help surviving minor children, and sometimes the surviving parent, after a wage-earner dies. There are frequently problems in this area if the parents of the children were not married to each other.

Retirement benefits for a divorced spouse: A divorced spouse may seek retirement benefits on the earnings record of the former spouse. There are rules concerning the length of the marriage and a subsequent marriage may disqualify the claimant. Further problems may arise if the marriage was common-law.

Overpayment cases: If you have received a Notice of Overpayment, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. These are the only types of cases in which attorneys' fees may be requested to be paid in advance, although ultimately all fees must be approved by the Social Security Administration.

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