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Practice Area Overview

San Antonio, Texas, Social Security benefit Attorney

For over 36 years, Constance R. Somers has represented disabled persons asserting their rights to disability benefits. With extensive experience in administrative hearings and Federal court, she can properly file your claim and handle all issues related to Social Security Disability benefits.

Social Security cases may involve:

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): Provides benefits to wage-earners and their family members when the wage-earner becomes disabled. Benefits can be paid to the disabled person, his or her minor children, and sometimes his or her spouse who is caring for the children. Retroactive benefits can also be paid to the next of kin if the disabled wage-earner dies before the case is concluded. This benefit provides Medicare coverage after a waiting period.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI): Meets basic income needs for disabled or elderly people who have very little income and resources. Disabled children can also receive these benefits if their families meet the income and resource tests.  This benefit provides Medicaid.

Other types of Social Security cases:

  • Disabled adult child (now called Childhood Disability benefits, or CDB) benefits help adult children of wage-earners who are either deceased or receiving Social Security themselves.
  • Widows/Widowers benefits may be available to a widow/er at age 50 if he/she is disabled, or at age 60 without any disability.
  • Survivorship benefits help surviving minor children, and sometimes the surviving parent, after a wage-earner dies. There are frequently problems in this area if the parents were not married.
  • Retirement benefits are usually straightforward, but problems arise if a wage-earner applies for early retirement benefits but continues to work and earns too much, or if he continues to be self-employed.
  • Divorced spouse benefits allow a claimant to receive retirement benefits on the earnings record of a prior, divorced spouse in some cases.
  • Overpayment cases are very common and most attorneys will not handle them. These cases are the only ones in which the client must often pay attorneys fees in advance, though ultimately the attorneys fees must be approved by SSA.

Frequently asked questions related to Social Security Disability

How do I make a claim for Social Security Disability benefits?
To begin a Social Security Claim, an individual must file an application, usually done online,  with the Social Security Administration. Ms. Somers can initiate the process for you and answer any questions you have before filing. She will appropriately prepare and file your claim including all necessary information to support your right to benefits. Starting your case with an experienced attorney can speed up approval.

What if my disability claim has been denied?
The majority of cases are denied at the initial level, but you may request reconsideration within 60 days of the date of the denial. Ms.Somers can assist the claimant in requesting reconsideration of the denial. She can also request a hearing if the reconsideration has been denied.

How can an attorney help me obtain Social Security Disability benefits?
While many people attempt to file for benefits, attend hearings, or work through the appeals process without an attorney, it is a very complex process that can be difficult to navigate successfully. Working directly with an experienced lawyer can ensure that your applications are properly filed and that you have necessary documentation to support your claim. Constance R. Somers has over 36 years of experience in handling Social Security Disability claims and can present information to the Social Security Administration or to an Administrative Law Judge in a clear and concise manner to highlight appropriate regulations (called the Listings and Grids) which may compel approval of your claim. It is important that your attorney present evidence not only about your medical diagnoses but also about your mental and physical limitations.

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